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On a budget? Check Out Our Refurbished and Demo Products

Buying refurbished is a great way to save money and still get a quality, long lasting product. Most of the time, the products in our refurbished category have seen little to no use. Where do refurbished and demo products come from? Some of the products we offer were used in-house. For example, say Devilbiss comes out with a new…

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Powder Coating Systems, What to Buy

There are three main options for a Wagner SPRINT manual all-in-one powder coating system. Wagner offers a box feed version and two hopper versions: 3 liters, 25 liters and 60 liters. We get a lot of people asking us what powder coating system is right for them. The answer depends on a few variables: What are you spraying? How…

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C.A. Technologies Announce New CAT-Xpress

The new CAT-Xpress comes in three packages, each with three nozzle and needle setups, two air caps, a gun tool and a case. The Smart Pack includes the mentioned accessories while the CAT Pack – 1 QT Aluminum Cup includes the same accessories and a 1 QT aluminum cup with regulator. Finally, the premium CAT Pack – 3M™ PPS™…

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Top Tools for the Job, According to the Experts – Manual Guns

Binks Trophy

Our spray recommendations come from over 50 years of experience in the industry Top Powder Pick The first of our top tools for the job is the Wagner SPRINT Manual Powder Coating Unit – Box Feed. The Wagner Sprint system comes with everything needed to start powder coating, including: Corona manual gun PEM-X1 Control device EPG-Sprint XE Injector PI-F1…

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How Does Substrate Color Affect Ink Selection?

When selecting an ink for your marking system, several variables affect it’s selection.  One variable affecting the selection of the proper ink is the color of the substrate.  Dark colored substrates such as steel often require a pigmented ink to produce bright, visible results.  These inks contain solid pigments which provide the bright color they are known for.  This requires…

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Why is Paint Settling in my Spray Gun?

pressure tank systems paint settling

Paint Settling In Spray Gun Material settling is an issue among anyone working with paint or any other material that has suspended particles such as colored inks, dyes, etc. This issue is caused the suspended particles that account for that material’s pigment, color, consistency and adhesion characteristics. Materials that feature these characteristics are called suspensions and they are extremely…

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