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Whether it’s powder, liquid, fittings or tubing, CET is a one-stop-shop for companies big and small.

We are a proud distributor of the following brands:

Carlisle Logo Fluid Tech

Carlisle Fluid Technologies (CFT) is a global company which manufactures equipment for the supply, application and curing of sprayed materials including paints, coatings, powders, mastics and bonding materials.

We are best known for our world leading brands of Binks, DeVilbiss, MS, Ransburg and BGK. All of our brands are highly respected in their market sectors for quality in design and manufacture and the cutting edge technology inherent in their product range.

CFT supplies market leading equipment and accessories for all major manufacturing industry sectors. This includes aerospace, automotive manufacture and tier 1 and 2 suppliers, automotive repair and refinishing, ceramic tableware and sanitary ware, consumer goods, engineering, military and defense, windows, exterior joinery, wood and furniture; anywhere, in fact, that a coating or bonding material needs to be applied to a surface.

As a combined group we have over 375 years’ of collective Finishing Industry experience.


Mission Vision:

Our Vision: To inspire customers with innovative solutions that drive their success.

Our Mission: Working together, we relentlessly uncover customer needs and provide a superior customer experience, from innovation to delivery of application solutions.

Our Values: Customer Focus, Collaborate as a Team, Action-Oriented, Drive Innovation, Value and Appreciate People, Act Ethically and with Integrity

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In 1890, Joseph Binks pioneered the spray gun industry with the introduction of the first cold-water paint spraying machine. Binks used his invention to rescue the opening of the 1896 Colombian Exposition. Just days before the opening, nine of ten exhibit buildings stood unpainted, but Binks saved the day. Today you will find spray finishing and paint circulating technology from Binks at work in virtually every industry around the world.

Product Focus

Binks manufactures low and high pressure manual and automatic spray guns, accessories, airless and air assisted airless spray painting outfits; high and low pressure fluid handing pumps and regulators, pressure feed tanks, 2K electronic paint mixing machines and paint circulating systems for the industrial finishing and automobile manufacturing markets.

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Founded in 1888 when Toledo, Ohio physician Dr. Allen DeVilbiss combined a bulb, some tubing and the base of an oil can to create the first atomizer for health care. DeVilbiss is now the leading supplier of spray finishing equipment to the industrial and automotive refinish markets. Since then, DeVilbiss has maintained its commitment to innovative technology and established itself as the leaders in cutting-edge finishing equipment by constantly supplying products that achieve the highest quality finish whilst protecting the bottom line needs of its customers.

Products Focus

DeVilbiss Manufactures low pressure manual and automatic spray guns and related spraying accessories; including air filter reducing valves and regulators, operator breathing systems, spray gun cups and hoses. DeVilbiss is widely recognized for the development and introduction of the first “Compliant” spray guns, which greatly reduce overspray and VOC’s into the environment. The company’s expertise in ergonomics and innovative spray gun design is widely acclaimed.

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Hosco stands ready with the products, the service, and the expertise to deliver clean, contaminate-free paints and coatings… whether you are located next door or on the other side of the world.

We are a manufacturer and global marketer of smooth bore, “cavity-free” stainless steel fittings and accessories designed specifically for the use in manual or automated paint circulating and application finishing systems. Products include encapsulated ball valves, smooth bore fittings and adapters, quick disconnects, restrictors and flow regulators, paint and air hoses, plus paint system accessories. Our global customer base and application environments include automotive assembly and component manufacture, truck and bus, farm and construction equipment, and aerospace industries.

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A vertical manufacturer, Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) has an extensive history of designing and building exceptional paint booths and finishing equipment that help businesses achieve flawless paint finishes, maximize productivity and protect the health of their employees. Our high-quality, proven products are backed by our unmatched technical support team, distribution network and field services staff for lifelong support of your spray booths and finishing equipment.

Combining advanced technology, high-quality components and excellent support, Global Finishing Solutions provides industry-leading spray booths and finishing equipment for a wide variety of industries — including aerospace, automotive refinish and industrial manufacturing. Our spray booths and finishing equipment are expertly designed for superior performance and longevity.

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Liquid and Powder

What defines us

Our mission and our vision are essential for our self-image as the WAGNER Group overall and for every individual employee. For us they are at the same time our guiding principle and our mission, and they define what we stand for as a company. Our values provide the basis for our group of companies and guide us in our daily work.

Our MISSION – What does our WAGNER Group stand for?

We bring color, protection and functions to surfaces

We see our mission as both a task and motivation. We act on behalf of our customers with specialist knowledge, impressive service and a passion for the added value of surfaces. Using innovative technologies, we add the finishing touches to our customers’ products and objects with color, protection and functions. Our mission urges us on to continually set new standards in the field of surface coating.

Our VISION – What do we want to achieve?

We are the most innovative company in fluid and powder application in everything we do

For our business, innovation is at the heart of everything we do and deeply ingrained in our DNA. Innovative technologies and competences define WAGNER. Our goal of becoming known as the most innovative company in the field of fluid and powder application in our markets bears on all areas and activities of our business – from innovative working environments right through to digital products.

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Brands and Product Categories, CAT

Mission Statement:

C.A. Technologies is dedicated to providing the highest quality and most innovative products available, supported by professional and intelligent customer service. Our ongoing product training and guidance, as well as honest and competitive pricing insures our customers the highest value for their investment and continued growth and success for our distributors.

As of November 2015, C.A.Technologies is the most recent addition to the WAGNER group. This partnership will provide a larger product base for many extended markets including powder and liquid coating applications to offer the outstanding products and services that both companies are known for.

C.A. Technologies was founded in 1997 and provides extensive years of experience in the design and manufacture of spray finishing equipment. Focusing their expertise, C.A.T. offers the most comprehensive line of precision atomizing nozzles and aircaps available to compliment its line of professional grade spray guns. Committed to quality and research, C.A.Technologies continuously strives to bring the latest innovations to the industrial and automotive spray finishing industry while holding customer needs and service as its top priority.


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Walther Pilot Spray Solutions

Experts in Materials Application, Since 1923

Following World War I mass production was launched in the automotive industry. And the invention of finer enamels that dried more quickly made manual painting of vehicle bodies uneconomical. This was the reason why spray painting, first developed in the United States, became popular.

Richard Curt Walther, a Wuppertal native, was the general representative of Leipziger Tangier-Werk AG. In this function he became familiar with the new technology even before it was widely known in Germany. He recognized the potentials of spray painting and, in 1923, founded the “Spritzapparate und Maschinenbauanstalt” – the “Spray Apparatus and Machine Building Establishment” in the town of Vohwinkel, later to become a part of Wuppertal.

High-quality spray equipment was developed and distributed. Among the initial best sellers were the modest spray painting systems – comprising the compressor, a spray gun with cup, and a practical carrying case. Thus the development of the company, under the name WALTHER PILOT, quickly became firmly established in what was then the Weimar Republic.

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