C.A. Technologies Announce New CAT-Xpress

The new CAT-Xpress comes in three packages, each with three nozzle and needle setups, two air caps, a gun tool and a case.

The Smart Pack includes the mentioned accessories while the CAT Pack – 1 QT Aluminum Cup includes the same accessories and a 1 QT aluminum cup with regulator.

Finally, the premium CAT Pack – 3M™ PPS™ 2.0 Cup replaces the aluminum cup with a 1 QT 3M™ PPS™ 2.0 cup w/reg and 3 lids/liners.

CAT-Xpress options

The packs cost $427.50, $517.50 and $750.00 respectively.

Top features of the new spray gun include:

  • Two-piece nozzle – reduces wear costs
  • Fine finish atomization – efficient with low over spray
  • Quick adjusting fan control – single handed fan adjustment
  • Lightweight and ergonomic handle – provides reduction in daily sprayer fatigue

C.A.Technologies is proud to introduce our new CAT Xpress professional grade pressure feed spray gun. The CAT-Xpress provides extreme atomization while holding an excellent transfer efficiency, handle ergonomics and fluid delivery superior to all the competitive guns on the market today. The CAT-Xpress includes a HVLP air cap and the pressure reduced air cap to meet all the codes and regulations throughout the United States,” C.A. Technologies said.

Improvements to the CAT-Xpress over older gun models include a new style fluid tip, updated fan control, precision engineered air caps, lightweight ergonomic construction and an air adjustment valve.

The new style fluid tip has been re-designed to remove threading. According to C.A. Technologies, this change will make it easier for users to swap out fluid tips and provide more fluid flow capabilities. In tandem with the gun precision engineered air caps, the CAT-Xpress offers the finest atomization and highest quality spray.

Fluid Nozzle
Air Cap

On the rear of the gun, the CAT-Xpress’ fan control has been made more ergonomic. The new fan control allows for one handed/easy access pattern adjustments. Other ergonomic updates include the guns lightweight construction – reducing fatigue – and an air adjustment valve at the bottom of the gun.

Fan Control

Available accessories include a range or nozzles, air caps and needles. There are four different pressure cup options, including 1 QT Alum. Press. Cup w/ Reg. (51-303-R2), 1 QT Stainless Press. Cup w/ Reg. (51-303SS-R2), 2 Quart Techline – Dual Regulated (51-132) and a 2 Quart Bandit – Dual Regulated (51-602).

Pressure cups

However, CET recommends using a 2.5 gallon pressure tank. This would allow for significantly more material to be sprayed at a time. Other than buying the Smart Pack option and using it with a 2.5 gallon pressure tank, the CAT Pack – 3M™ PPS™ 2.0 Cup is another great option for spraying small amounts of material at a time.

All spare pasts and accessories are already available at store.cetinc.com.

Keep an out for videos on the CAT-Xpress on our youtube channel.