On a budget? Check Out Our Refurbished and Demo Products

Buying refurbished is a great way to save money and still get a quality, long lasting product. Most of the time, the products in our refurbished category have seen little to no use.

Where do refurbished and demo products come from?

Some of the products we offer were used in-house. For example, say Devilbiss comes out with a new spray gun. We would order one, take photos and do some testing.

We also let potential customers try equipment out for a few days. If they like it, obviously they keep it. If it isn’t a good fit, we clean it up, test it to make sure it still works and list it as refurbished.

Another possible reason a product would be in this category would be a return. The C.A. Technologies tank below is an example of that. The company ordered the wrong tank. They opened it, looked at it and sent it back. Now our customers can get it for 25% off.

CA Technologies 2.5 Gallon pressure pot

What does CET do to make sure these products are quality?

What we do depends largely on the condition of the product at inspection. If the product was simply taken out of the box, we can easily tell if it was used or not. If the product wasn’t used, we test to make sure it still works.

If the product was used, it is common for us to replace wearing parts, test the equipment in a variety of use-cases and thoroughly clean it before putting it back on the site.

All the photos on our refurbished page are exact photos, so buyers can know exactly what they’re getting.

Binks Gemini II Pump

Why sell refurbished products?

The biggest reason for discounting refurbished and demo products is simple.


Our warehouse has a ton of equipment that is still in great condition, but for one reason or another, we can’t sell as new. So, rather than hording stock our employees can use to paint their basements, we want to sell it to you at a great price.

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