WAGNER E-Line: A Smart Approach to Powder Coating

The Wagner E-Line application solution is a complete package for carefree powder coating. This compact all-round solution offers an economical entry point to professional powder coating – at a convincing price.

“The E-Line is an ideal choice for anyone who is still working with steel booths, outdated systems or purely manual hand-coating, as well as for anyone interested in trying powder coating for the first time,” emphasized Patrick Schumacher, Product Manager at WAGNER Industrial Solutions.

He and his team have integrated all the crucial features for high-quality coating in the Wagner E-Line solution and managed to combine them with a very attractive price and low operating costs.

Smart high-quality powder coating

Made possible only thanks to smart solutions, as demonstrated by the three models from the E-Line system: the “QuickCube” quick paint-change booth, the energy efficient recovery system and the PXE powder center.

The PVC booth features an extraction system with twin channels positioned sideways on the floor. As well as allowing easier cleaning, this also ensures high transfer efficiency.

The air flow generated by the extraction has no adverse effect on the powder cloud, resulting in uniform application of powder even on the bottom section of the work piece. Unlike conventional systems on the market. “This illustrates the design principle behind the E-Line solution. We have developed smart and efficient features that deliver top quality and an excellent result,” Patrick Schumacher said.

Around corners without turbulence

The recovery system with EEP incorporates another smart design detail. The acronym stands for Energy Efficient Package. And the name says it all: the system consumes up to 40% less energy than comparable models, as a smaller motor is sufficient to generate the same extraction volume. This increases powder recovery while reducing pressure loss and powder deposits. This is made possible thanks to pipes with square cross-sections, developed in partnership with a flow engineer. “The special cross-section geometry avoids turbulence in curves. Instead, the air flow follows the pipe routing,” said Patrick Schumacher, explaining the principle (patent applied for).

Intuitive operation

The third module in the E-Line solution is the user-friendly PXE powder center. With a minimal footprint of 1.24 square meters, it comes complete with all key features, including control of the complete system, powder feed from the carton as well as supply for the manual or automatic guns. “The E-Line application solution is an economical entry point to professional powder coating. Simple and intuitive operation was therefore a priority for us. The aim was to ensure that even employees with no previous experience are able to quickly achieve good and reproducible results,” said Patrick Schumacher.

With its smart design, intelligent features and economical price, the E-Line complete concept is enjoying a positive reception from customers all over the world. Even before the sales launch, WAGNER had received numerous pre-orders for the compact powder coating system.

All components in one system

  • Optimal application results guaranteed with powerful PEA-C4 automatic guns, precise EPG-S2 modules and accurate moving systems
  • Best airflow & highest transfer efficiency by special PVC booth construction and optimized inner geometry
  • Low investment costs: Entry level PXE powder center with excellent price-performance ratio; complete control of all components (powder center, moving devices, application, booth, filter) in one central unit
  • Improved recovery rate & minimized pressure loss thanks to the WAGNER energy efficiency package
  • Reduced electrical power demand of the filter unit due to improved airflow of the system

Wagner E-Line Specifications

Product portfolio
Powder boothQuickCube
Powder centerPXE
Max. guns12 x automatic + 2 x manual or 14 x automatic
GunsPEA C4 or PEA C4 XL 1.4
Gun arrangement1 x 7 vertical per side or 2 x 3 horizontal per side
Part detectionGap control (PXE standard)
Manual Coater
Manual platforms1 x pre-coating / 1 x post-coating
Type of boothQuickCube
MaterialPVC 100 mm sandwich walls
SizeMax . 2000 (H) x 800 (W)
Gun slots max4 per side
Moving System
Vertical unitVU 2-1800 to VU 2-2400
Horizontal unitRS 1000 (manual) or HU 1000 (electrical)
Powder centerPXE (standard) or PXE (maximum)
Type of injectorsPI-F1 (80-360 g/min), PI-F1-S (80-450 g/min), HiCoatED (50-250 g/min)
Fresh powder refillManually
Sieving of powderNot available
Cyclone & filter13.000 Nm³/h 18,5 kW or 17.000 Nm³/h 22 kW
Energy Efficiency Package EEPYes, integrated
RecoveryPP25 S – peristaltic pump
Control typeAll-in-one control
Display size7“ colour touch display (PXE standard)
Gun control modulesEPG S2 & EPG Sprint X

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