The Devilbiss Compact Mini Punches Way Above its Weight Class

The Devilbiss Compact Mini is an ergonomic, easy-to-handle miniature spray gun. It is available in high volume, low pressure (HVLP) and Trans-Tech variations, the first with a cost saving DeKups Package.

Other features include brass air caps that give users superior atomization of solvent and water-based materials. Along with stainless-steel fluid tips and needles, the compact mini is an excellent platform to use on a wide variety of jobs.

The Trans-Tech version of the gun

In addition, both the blue HVLP variation and green Trans-Tech guns are constructed with a light, strong and durable anodized aluminum. Both weighting 15 oz without a cup and 17.1 oz with a cup.

“The Compact Mini incorporates sensitive fan control into the comfort of a full-size gun.  The “green” compact gun utilizes the very latest advances in computational fluid dynamics.  This results in superior atomization with the new DeVilbiss TRANS-fer Technology,” Carlisle said.

The HVLP version is available in 1.0 mm nozzles and 1.2 mm nozzles. The DeKups package comes with a 1.0 mm fluid nozzle.

On the Trans-Tech side, the Compact mini comes in 0.8, 1.0 and 1.2 mm nozzles. All versions of the gun come with a gravity feed cup, funnel, cleaning brushes and tools.

If you decide on the HVLP version, CET recommends getting the Compact Mini with available DeKups package for its value and flexibility. That package includes:

  • DPC-23 DeKups Adapter – 1 ea.
  • Reusable Cup – 1 ea.
  • Reusable Lid – 1 ea.
  • Measure Guide – 1 ea.
  • Orange Plug – 1 ea.
  • Disposable Cup – 4 ea.
  • Disposable Lid – 4 ea.

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