Product Release – Finishing Piston Pumps by WAGNER Group

Icebreaker Finishing Piston Pumps by WAGNER Group

The new and improved Icebreaker finishing piston pumps by WAGNER Group are perfect for a wide range of industrial applications. The air motors operate without “icing” and always produce optimal spray results due to their very low pulsation. These are some of the most durable and energy efficient pumps on the market today and boast innovative features that truly set them apart from the competition.

Wagner Icebreaker Piston Pump Features:

1 Reliability: Excellent reliability even in continuous operation due to a maintenance-free controller and very low pulsation.

2 Easy to Use: Easily set the pump pressure and the air flow for AirCoat applications with the integrated compact pressure regulator.

3 Full Pressure: Full system pressure is constantly applied to the controller, regardless of how much pressure the air motor is operating with at the time. This innovative feature allows the pump to operate reliably, without stopping, even under very low operating pressures.

4 Easily Serviced: A new and improved oil chamber allows for quick access and easy cleaning. You can change the self-adjusting packing without any special tools.

5 Robust for Every Application: Experience long service life and minimum wear due to the entirely stainless steel fluid section. Successfully process abrasive, corrosive, and aggressive materials.

6 Optimal Flow: Material flows freely and efficiently due to large diameter valving throughout the pump.

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