Do I need to use a Specialized Adhesive Spray Gun for Adhesives?

When deciding to apply an adhesive using a spray gun there are many different options that are available. Many people opt to use their standard paint spray gun for their adhesive. This is a big mistake as you risk damaging your spray gun and the spray results will more than likely be sub-par. Adhesives have many differing qualities than other coatings and this changes the way they behave when atomized through a spray gun. With adhesives you have to worry about shearing, high solid content, settling, pot life, clogging, difficulty atomizing, and other properties that may be specific to that certain adhesive. This is why a specialized adhesive spray gun is your best bet to save you both time, headache, and money.

Dedicated adhesive spray equipment takes into account all of these particular issues in their design and engineering. The composition of the needle/nozzle, how they are engineered, and even the positioning of the holes and horns on the air cap are all significantly different in adhesive spray guns. This results in a spray pattern that is much more usable and optimized for your particular adhesive. Using dedicated adhesive spray equipment will save you time and material and will ensure that your process runs as efficiently as possible.

Jorge Flores, Marketing Coordinator
Coating Equipment Technology, Inc