What are the benefits of Pressure Tank Systems?

pressure tank systems paint settling

There are several advantages when it comes to using pressure tank systems for your material supply source. Several of these benefits dramatically offset the initial investment and will increase your productivity and efficiency.

  1. With pressure tank systems, you get precise control over both your atomization air pressure as well as your material pressure. This is extremely important with certain materials and spray processes as optimum atomization is dependent on having control of both parameters.
  2. You can spray much more viscous materials that in a gravity spray system. The increased pressure that you get with a pressure tank system allows much more viscous materials to be supplied to the spray gun. This opens up your options with different types of coatings as well as other materials that would have to be thinned out to be used with a gravity feed system.
  3. You are not bound by gravity. You can spray in any direction that you like and not lose material flow or pressure. If your part has an awkward geometry or difficult angles, you are not bound by the direction of the gravity cup.
  4. You get a consistent material pressure. Due to the material pressure being controlled by a regulator on the tank, you are ensured consistency and accuracy when it comes to material pressure. If you are working with high-cost material or on a project where coating consistency is key, then this is absolutely critical.
  5. If your material doesn’t have a pot life, then you can leave it in the system and pick up quickly where you left off.

– Jorge Flores, Marketing Coordinator
Coating Equipment Technology, Inc