How Do I Start Powder Coating?

When diving into the world of powder coating, just like any type of coating, surface prep is always key to obtaining great results. In the case of powder coating, media or sandblasting is essential in the surface preparation process. It serves two purposes that are critical in making sure your coating adheres properly and doesn’t fail altogether or start peeling.

  1. Media blasting is the best way to clean a part before powder coating. And with the powder process, it is essential that the part be free of all debris, oil, rust and other impurities. If the part is not absolutely clean, your powder coat will not adhere properly in those areas and may actually begin to peel off.
  2. In order for the powder to adhere optimally, the surface of the part must have a slightly jagged or rugged surface. This type of surface gives the powder something to adhere to. Sandblasting accomplishes this nicely as the particles will slightly cut into the surface and give the part a profile to which the powder can optimally adhere. You will not get a strong coating when you powder coat a surface that is perfectly smooth.

– Jorge Flores, Marketing Coordinator
Coating Equipment Technology, Inc