Why is Paint Settling in my Spray Gun?

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Paint Settling In Spray Gun

Material settling is an issue among anyone working with paint or any other material that has suspended particles such as colored inks, dyes, etc. This issue is caused the suspended particles that account for that material’s pigment, color, consistency and adhesion characteristics. Materials that feature these characteristics are called suspensions and they are extremely common as they make up a majority of the materials that are processed through spray and marking systems. If these suspensions are not constantly being moved or used, gravity will take hold and the suspended particles will settle and begin to cause issues for your spray process. The issues can range from clogging filters to impacting repeat-ability of color or other characteristics from part to part after your part has been coated. Thus, it is very important to has suspensions constantly in motion if you are not using the entirety of it during one run.

One popular method of keeping suspensions in motion is by agitation. For smaller, simpler systems such as a manual automotive finishing system with a single gun and a tank, this is the preferred method. Utilizing a pneumatic or electric agitator, you are able to keep the material in suspension and are even able to adjust speeds of agitation to account for differing material viscosities.

If you have a more complex system, such as an automatic with multiple tanks, pumps and guns, then constant material circulation may be the best option for you. Typically used in non-contact marking systems, material circulation involves the use of special spray guns that have two material ports. This allows the material to be circulated through the system even when it is not being sprayed. On automatic circulation systems, diaphragm pumps are typically utilized to keep the material in motion. Use these quick tips to prevent paint settling in your spray gun.

– Jorge Flores, Marketing Coordinator
Coating Equipment Technology, Inc