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How Does Substrate Color Affect Ink Selection?

When selecting an ink for your marking system, several variables affect it’s selection.  One variable affecting the selection of the proper ink is the color of the substrate.  Dark colored substrates such as steel often require a pigmented ink to produce bright, visible results.  These inks contain solid pigments which provide the bright color they are known for.  This requires…

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Ink vs. Dye

Non contact marking uses multiple types of spray media. These fall into two main categories, pigmented ink and dye. Each of these type of spray media have benefits, but each also have issues that should be thought through when selecting a marking system. Selecting the proper type of media for your application is critical to the proper operation and…

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Marking System Overview

Non contact marking serves an important role in modern industrial systems. It can be used as a communication tool for quality control, a way to differentiate between similar looking parts, or to perform very detailed finishing. Quality control has become an important use of marking systems. Some applications may perform defect marking on a pass-fail basis, while others may…

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