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Powder Coating

Powder Coating Systems

wagner sprint airfluid manual powder coating system
Using the Sprint AirFluid allows you to work directly out of the carton. Ideal for small batches and frequent paint changes. All parameters are set and saved via the EPG-Sprint X. In combination with the PEM-X 1, perfect surfaces are achieved.

wagner spring 60L manual powder coating system
The Sprint 60L is used to fluidize the powder in a 60 liter stainless steel tank. All coating parameters are set and saved using the control unit EPG-Sprint X . In combination with the PEM-X 1, perfect surfaces are achieved.

Powder Gun Kits / Cases / Setups

wagner powder coating cup gun case set
This set is a ready to use coating device. With air pressure and powder supply the device is ready to start powder coating. An ideal solution for small parts and mobile use with excellent coating results.

Wagner Sprint X CT 3L Powder Coating Kit
In a few steps, the kit is converted into a mobile coating system that can be set up anywhere – so you’re ready to use your powder material quickly and easily on site. With the two supplied guns, both the Corona and the Tribo process can be applied. Ideally suitable for two-layer coating applications.

Wagner Spraypack Manual Powder Coating Gun Set
The set consists of the central components for the installation of a powder coating system. A manual gun, a gun control unit, an injector, and a connection hose set ensure high-quality coating results.

Wagner Spraypack Automatic Powder Coating Gun Set
Powder sets consist of the core components of application equipment, namely a control unit, guns, feed system and connection components.

Manual Powder Coating Guns

wagner PEM X1 CG powder coating cup gun
The simple handling and perfect ergonomics of WAGNER cup guns make them ideal for lab and development purposes and for powder coating individual items and very small quantities.

wagner pem x1 corona manual powder coating gun
The PEM-X 1 combines balance, maximum service life and optimum handling perfectly. Perfectly balanced ergonomics ensure flexible and fatigue-free operation. WAGNER combines first-class design and functionality to achieve a perfect surface.

wagner tribo powder coating hand guns
Tribo manual guns are designed for processing Tribo powders. They offer an excellent loading system, great ergonomics and are very light.

Wagner Tribo Lance TL Powder Coating System
The tribo lance enables the highly efficient coating of large work pieces without the use of expensive lifting platforms. The tribo application also allows the coating of construction elements with many welding seams and recesses. This way, it’s also possible to apply very high film thicknesses to fulfill the requirements of heavy-duty corrosion protection. Learn more about the WAGNER cooperation partner Behr GmbH.

Automatic Powder Coating Guns

Wagner Corona Automatic Powder Coating Guns
Corona automatic guns for automatic powder coating.

Wagner Tribo Automatic Powder Coating Guns
Tribo automatic guns for automatic powder coating.


Powder coating systems and equipment for small or large operations. Our expertise allows us to help you choose the best possible equipment for your application.