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Mold Release


walther pilot twin handheld mold release spray gun

The PILOT Twin was developed for spraying low-viscosity materials such as separating agents. 

Application examples:
In the production of PU foam in the auto industry
For spraying drawing oil in foaming technology
For spraying water in chemical processes

The PILOT Twin offers a choice of three different spraying angles (30o, 60o, and round jet). There is no need to change the nozzle insert or air cap to switch between spraying angles. You need only change the air distributor rings, which are
included with the spray gun. The ring can be changed in seconds without tools.

walther pilot wa 110 automatic compact mold release spray gun
The WALTHER PILOT WA 110 automatic mold release spray gun is an extremely compact automatic spray gun designed for spraying low viscosity lubricants and mold release materials. It features stainless steel wetted parts so water based material can be sprayed without issue. It comes with a wide jet nozzle insert and a default nozzle size of 0.3 mm (other nozzle sizes are available by request).

walther pilot twin handheld portable mold release spray system
A specialized mold release spraying system featuring the PILOT Twin is also available. It includes the following:

  • Lightweight LCB 2 pressure tank, 2 liter capacity with twin fitting and safety valve
  • PILOT Twin mold release spray gun with requested nozzle insert size
  • Twin hose package, 5 meters


Compact, robust equipment with a light footprint and unmatched ergonomics and spray quality. Handheld and automatic solutions for low-viscosity mold release applications.