• walther pilot wa 900 series adapter plate mount automatic spray gun


ca technologies autocat 100c general purpose automatic spray gun
The A100C is a general purpose conventional air spray automatic gun for spraying a wide range of coatings. Designed for production use, the AUTOCAT is perfect for all coatings from thin to thick, stains to glue. Can also be used with internal mix nozzles as well as carbide tipped fluid nozzles for abrasives. This gun features a self-adjusting needle packing, inexpensive nozzle replacement and rugged construction.

walther pilot wa 700 series general purpose automatic spray gun
The PILOT WA 700 automatic spray gun series features our best all around automatic spray guns with a wealth of versatility. There are several models available that cover just about any spraying need. The WA 700 series consists of Conventional, HVLP, HVLP Plus, Adhesive, and Abrasive Resistant spray models. Depending on the application required, the WA 700 series spray guns are available with internal or external control. They feature a front body and wetted parts made of stainless steel. The spray guns also come with an optional pull-bar on the back for manual operation of the spray trigger for maintenance purposes. Each model also has a notch adjustment on the spray gun itself to regulate material volume.

walther pilot wa xv heavy duty adhesive spray gun
The heavy duty PILOT XV automatic spray guns are extremely robust and are a great value. The front body and all wetted parts are made of stainless steel. The guns come with an internal control feature to open and close the atomizing air input. The spray guns also come with an optional pull-bar on the back for manual operation of the spray trigger for maintenance purposes. Many different versions of the WA XV spray gun are available to cater to your particular process need. Standard, HVLP, and recirculation models are available.


walther pilot wa 450 series robotic mount automatic spray gun adapter plate
The PILOT WA 450 automatic spray gun series are the same as the WA 400 series automatic spray gun series with the exception that the gun bodies have been modified to be used with an adapter plate. Standard and HVLP models are available as well as models for use with regular or re-circulation systems. The round and wide jet spray can be adjusted separately at the spray gun. They feature an aluminum body and a stainless steel front body and wetted parts. Material volume can be regulated through notch-type fine adjustment on the gun. Spray gun versions for external control are available on request.

walther pilot wa 900 series robotic mount automatic spray gun adapter plate
Our newest automatic spray gun, the PILOT WA 900, combines cutting edge technology with renowned WALTHER PILOT quality and build. It is suitable for just about any spray job you need. It features a compact design, low weight, and a PTFE coated gun body to facilitate easy cleaning. The WA 900 utilizes an adapter plate design so the gun can be mounted and dismounted from your production process in a matter of seconds. The entire front body and material passageways are made of stainless steel so it can spray water-based, aggressive, or corrosive materials without issue.


walther pilot wa 51 compact miniature automatic precision spray marking gun
The PILOT WA 51 is a miniature automatic spray gun for the most delicate spraying jobs. With a gun diameter of only 20 mm (0.78 in), its small size allows you to spray in areas that were previously thought unreachable with an automatic spray gun. The WA 51 features a stainless steel gun body and the choice of a round or wide jet air cap.

walther pilot wa 100 compact automatic spray gun
The ultra compact PILOT WA 100 spray gun is the gun you need for those spray jobs where space comes at a premium. Measuring in at only 46 mm (1.81 in) wide and 30 mm (1.18 in) tall, the WA 100 is one of the smallest and most precise spray guns on the market today. The gun body is made of hard-coated aluminum and the wide and round jet shape are controlled externally. The WA 100 features a wide range of material nozzles and only two air cap sizes. This spray gun also features a stainless steel needle/nozzle.

walther pilot wa 600 compact automatic spray gun
The PILOT WA 600 is a fully featured compact automatic spray gun that features all of the benefits of a traditionally sized automatic spray gun in a much smaller body. The WA 600 automatic spray gun measures in at 130mm (5.12 in) long and 53 mm (2.08 in) wide. This spray gun has internal controls to open/close the atomizing air input and to control the shape of the spray. The material volume can be regulated at the gun through notch adjustment on the rear of the gun body. There is even a pull bar on the rear of the gun to manually open the nozzle for testing and repairs. The WA 600 features stainless steel wetted parts.


Automatic Spray Systems offer air and material savings over traditional spray. CET provides the best automatic spray guns that not only offer increased transfer efficiency, but better finishes.