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GFS CET Open Face Paint Booths


Our most popular industrial booth line, GFS Open Face Paint Booths are flexible, cost-effective solutions for a wide variety of finishing applications. The open-front style saves valuable floor space and makes it easy to move products and parts in and out of the booth. Choose from 260 pre-engineered models with fast shipping, or we can custom design an Open Face Booth to meet your specific requirements.

GFS CET Enclosed Finishing Booth


With high-efficiency filtered intake doors, GFS Enclosed Finishing Booths provide a safe, cost-effective finishing environment for producing high-quality paint finishes. Filtered doors prevent dirt and dust from entering the paint booth for cleaner paint jobs with less rework. Enclosed Finishing Booths are available in 260 pre-engineered models and can be pressurized and heated with a customized air make-up unit.

GFS CET Bench Paint Booth


Our smallest paint booths, Bench Booths allow businesses and hobbyists to paint small products and parts in a safe, code-compliant environment. Models are available with a raised bench or designed to be placed on a countertop to make painting small parts easy and accessible. With guaranteed delivery in one week, you can start painting sooner.

The most affordable and versatile industrial booth
line, GFS Dry Filter Paint Booths provide safe,
cost-effective solutions for a wide variety of
finishing applications.
With hundreds of pre-engineered booth models
ranging from 3 to 20 feet wide, there is sure to be
a model that meets your size requirements and can
get you up and running fast.
GFS Dry Filter Booths are engineered to meet or
exceed government safety standards so you can
more easily achieve any necessary equipment
permits, stamped drawings, and ensure employee safety.

A vertical manufacturer, the majority of the
components in GFS Dry Filter Booths are built or
assembled at their US facility, ensuring all components
meet our quality standards and integrate seamlessly.
Businesses can count on GFS’ unmatched Technical
Services department and extensive distribution
network for lifelong support and service of your
GFS paint booths.

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