PILOT XIII Handheld Spray Gun

The PILOT XIII is an extremely robust and heavy-duty spray gun for all everyday paint jobs. This spray gun features stainless steel wetted parts so water-borne coatings and aggressive media can be sprayed without any problems. A large selection of nozzle sizes is available to spray different materials. The spray gun body is made of highly compressed aluminum and the front body is made entirely of stainless steel.




Model versions:
• Conventional Gravity Feed
• Conventional Material Feed
• HVLP Gravity Feed
• HVLP Material Feed
• Recirculation
• 50 bar

Net Weight: 725g
Max. Intake Air Pressure: 8 bar
Max. Material Pressure: 8 Bar (HD: 50 bar)
Max. Operating Temp: 42 C
Sound Output: 85 dB(A)
Nozzle Sizes Available: 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.3, 1.5, 1.8, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5

Gravity Feed Material Feed Siphon Feed
0.5mm Nozzle Size V1130103053 V1130203053 V1130373053
0.8mm Nozzle Size V1130103083 V1130203083 V1130373083
1.0mm Nozzle Size V1130103103 V1130203103 V1130373103
1.2mm Nozzle Size V1130103123 V1130203123 V1130373123
1.5mm Nozzle Size V1130103153 V1130203153 V1130373153
1.8mm Nozzle Size V1130103183 V1130203183 V1130373183
2.0mm Nozzle Size V1130103203 V1130203203 V1130373203
2.5mm Nozzle Size V1130103253 V1130203253 V1130373253
3.0mm Nozzle Size V1130103303 V1130203303 V1130373303
3.5mm Nozzle Size V1130103353 V1130203353 V1130373353


Gravity Feed Material Feed Pressurized Gravity
Feed Cup
Suspended Pressure
Feed Cup
0.5mm Nozzle Size V1133103053 V1133203053 V1133603053 V1133803053
0.8mm Nozzle Size V1133103083 V1133203083 V1133603083 V1133803083
1.0mm Nozzle Size V1133103103 V1133203103 V1133603103 V1133803103
1.2mm Nozzle Size V1133103123 V1133203123 V1133603123 V1133803123
1.5mm Nozzle Size V1133103153 V1133203153 V1133603153 V1133803153
1.8mm Nozzle Size V1133103183 V1133203183 V1133603183 V1133803183
2.0mm Nozzle Size V1133103203 V1133203203 V1133603203 V1133803203
2.5mm Nozzle Size V1133103253 V1133203253 V1133603253 V1133803253
3.0mm Nozzle Size V1133103303 V1133203303 V1133603303 V1133803303
3.5mm Nozzle Size V1133103353 V1133203353 V1133603353 V1133803353


Material Feed
0.5mm Nozzle Size V1131203053
0.8mm Nozzle Size V1131203083
1.0mm Nozzle Size V1131203103
1.2mm Nozzle Size V1131203123
1.5mm Nozzle Size V1131203153
1.8mm Nozzle Size V1131203183
2.0mm Nozzle Size V1131203203
2.5mm Nozzle Size V1131203253
3.0mm Nozzle Size V1131203303
3.5mm Nozzle Size V1131203353

HD – 50 BAR

Material Feed
1.0mm Nozzle Size V1134243053
1.5mm Nozzle Size V1134243153
2.0mm Nozzle Size V1134243203
2.5mm Nozzle Size V1134243253

The PDF’s below are interactive and each feature 2 pages.

Page 1 – Exploded diagram of the spray gun. Click on each part to go to the product page on our online store where you can purchase.

Page 2 – A list of all spare parts and related part numbers. Click on each part number to go to the product page on our online store where you can purchase.

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