ca technologies minicat compact automatic spray marking gun
The MiniCat is a fine finish conventional air spray automatic gun for precision finishing of small parts. Designed for production use, the MiniCat is perfect for any application that requires a fine line to a small round fan pattern. For conventional fine finish atomization, this gun cannot be beat.


walther pilot signier precision automatic spray marking gun
The PILOT Signier is a fully automatic spray marking gun designed with speed, precision and accuracy in mind. This spray gun is engineered for precision coating and high speed non-contact marking operations. Overspray is effectively minimized and spraying of various media with precise edges is possible. The Signier series spray guns are available with internal controls for adjusting spray parameters. The gun body is made of nickel-plated brass and the nozzles are stainless steel. Round or wide air caps are available for the Signier series.

walther pilot wa 200 stainless steel precision automatic spray marking gun
The PILOT WA 200 features all of the same characteristics and benefits of the PILOT Signier but with a stainless steel front body and material passages. It is the premier spray marking gun for materials that demand stainless steel.


walther pilot wa 51 compact miniature automatic precision spray marking gun
The PILOT WA 51 is a miniature automatic spray gun for the most delicate spraying jobs. With a gun diameter of only 20 mm (0.78 in), its small size allows you to spray in areas that were previously thought unreachable with an automatic spray gun. The WA 51 features a stainless steel gun body and the choice of a round or wide jet air cap.

walther pilot signier membrane precision automatic spray marking gun for harsh and uv materials
The PILOT Signier is available as a membrane spray gun. In this special version, a diaphragm replaces the needle seal packing for an extended high quality spray performance life when spraying abrasive or aggressive materials.


Precision Spray Marking Systems allow high speed precise spray of inks, dyes, adhesives, abrasives & more with minimal overspray. Lines & dots down to 5mm are possible. Our in house engineers will provide you with a system that fits your particular needs.

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