PILOT III-F Handheld Spray Gun

walther pilot iiik handheld adhesive spray gun

The PILOT III-F is an innovative and versatile spray gun for all everyday paint jobs. This spray gun features a PTFE-coated gun body for easy cleaning. With the material design of the PILOT III-F, you essentially have two spray guns in one. Both gravity feed and material feed ports are built into the gun so you can choose which configuration you need and simply plug the other port that you are not using. It takes only minutes to convert the gun from gravity feed to material feed and vice versa. This spray gun also has a large selection of nozzle sizes for various material types.



-With plastic gravity-feed cup 600 cc
-With material connection 3/8″
-With wide-jet nozzle insert (gravity-feed cup version – plastic cup)
-With wide-jet nozzle insert (material connection version)
-With wide-to-round-jet nozzle inserts

Net Weight: 590g
Max. Atomizing Air Pressure: 8 bar (116 psi)
Max. Material Pressure: 8 bar (116 psi)
Max. Operating Temp: 43 C
Sound Output: 85 dB(A)
Nozzle Sizes: 0.5, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8, 2.0, 2.5


Gravity Feed Material Feed Material Feed (Pipe) Siphon Feed
0.5mm Nozzle Size V1030102053 V1030202053 V1030702053 V1030372053
0.8mm Nozzle Size V1030102083 V1030202083 V1030702083 V1030372083
1.0mm Nozzle Size V1030102103 V1030202103 V1030702103 V1030372103
1.2mm Nozzle Size V1030102123 V1030202123 V1030702123 V1030372123
1.5mm Nozzle Size V1030102153 V1030202153 V1030702153 V1030372153
1.8mm Nozzle Size V1030102183 V1030202183 V1030702183 V1030372183
2.0mm Nozzle Size V1030102203 V1030202203 V1030702203 V1030372203
2.5mm Nozzle Size V1030102253 V1030202253 V1030702253 V1030372253
3.0mm Nozzle Size V1030102303 V1030202303 V1030702303 V1030372303
3.5mm Nozzle Size V1030102353 V1030202353 V1030702353 V1030372353


Gravity Feed Material Feed
0.5mm Nozzle Size V1031002053 V1031102053
0.8mm Nozzle Size V1031002083 V1031102083
1.0mm Nozzle Size V1031002103 V1031102103
1.2mm Nozzle Size V1031002123 V1031102123
1.5mm Nozzle Size V1031002153 V1031102153
1.8mm Nozzle Size V1031002183 V1031102183
2.0mm Nozzle Size V1031002203 V1031102203
2.5mm Nozzle Size V1031002253 V1031102253
3.0mm Nozzle Size V1031002303 V1031102303
3.5mm Nozzle Size V1031002353 V1031102353

The PDF’s below are interactive and each feature 2 pages.

Page 1 – Exploded diagram of the spray gun. Click on each part to go to the product page on our online store where you can purchase.

Page 2 – A list of all spare parts and related part numbers. Click on each part number to go to the product page on our online store where you can purchase.