PILOT WA 600 Compact Automatic Spray Gun

walther pilot wa 600 compact automatic spray gun conventional medium pressure

The PILOT WA 600 is a fully featured compact automatic spray gun that features all of the benefits of a traditionally sized automatic spray gun in a much smaller body. The WA 600 automatic spray gun measures in at 130mm (5.12 in) long and 53 mm (2.08 in) wide. This spray gun has internal controls to open/close the atomizing air input and to control the shape of the spray. The material volume can be regulated at the gun through notch adjustment on the rear of the gun body. There is even a pull bar on the rear of the gun to manually open the nozzle for testing and repairs. The WA 600 features stainless steel wetted parts.



PILOT WA 600: standard-version (for conventional spraying)
PILOT WA 610-HD-U: standard version for recirculation systems medium pressure version standard-version
PILOT WA 625-MD: medium-pressure version
PILOT WA 635-MD-U: medium-pressure version for recirculation systems

Net Weight: 360g
Max. Atomizing Air Pressure: 8 bar (116 psi)
Max. Material Pressure: 8 bar (116 psi)
Min. Control Air Pressure: 4.5 bar (87 psi)
Max. Operating Temp: 80 C
Sound Output: 83 dB(A)
Nozzle Sizes: 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8, 2.0, 2.2


WA 600
0.3mm Nozzle Size V2060002033
0.5mm Nozzle Size V2060002053
0.8mm Nozzle Size V2060002083
1.0mm Nozzle Size V2060002103
1.2mm Nozzle Size V2060002123
1.5mm Nozzle Size V2060002153
1.8mm Nozzle Size V2060002183
2.0mm Nozzle Size V2060002203
2.2mm Nozzle Size V2060002223


WA 610-U
(Conventional, Recirculation)
0.3mm Nozzle Size V2060102033
0.5mm Nozzle Size V2060102053
0.8mm Nozzle Size V2060102083
1.0mm Nozzle Size V2060102103
1.2mm Nozzle Size V2060102123
1.5mm Nozzle Size V2060102153
1.8mm Nozzle Size V2060102183
2.0mm Nozzle Size V2060102203
2.2mm Nozzle Size V2060102223


WA 625-MD
0.3mm Nozzle Size V2060704033
0.5mm Nozzle Size V2060704053
0.8mm Nozzle Size V2060704083
1.0mm Nozzle Size V2060704103
1.2mm Nozzle Size V2060704123
1.5mm Nozzle Size V2060704153
1.8mm Nozzle Size V2060704183
2.0mm Nozzle Size V2060704203
2.2mm Nozzle Size V2060704223


WA 635-MD-U
(Medium Pressure, Recirculation)
0.3mm Nozzle Size V2060804033
0.5mm Nozzle Size V2060804053
0.8mm Nozzle Size V2060804083
1.0mm Nozzle Size V2060804103
1.2mm Nozzle Size V2060804123
1.5mm Nozzle Size V2060804153
1.8mm Nozzle Size V2060804183
2.0mm Nozzle Size V2060804203
2.2mm Nozzle Size V2060804223

The PDF’s below are interactive and each feature 2 pages.

Page 1 – Exploded diagram of the spray gun. Click on each part to go to the product page on our online store where you can purchase.

Page 2 – A list of all spare parts and related part numbers. Click on each part number to go to the product page on our online store where you can purchase.